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Indoor solutions

The VFA Solutions Indoor air purifiers recirculate and purify the air in the room. The air is purified from course dust, particulate matter (PM10-PM2.5), ultrafine particulate matter (PM1, PM0.1), asbestos, pollen, fungi, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and optionally gases and smells. The air purifiers are suited for anyone in need of individual air purification combined with a low energy consumption.

Pure Air Solutions

Compact Air Purifier

These air purifiers are suited for indoor air purification in small rooms. The appliances are flexible and do not have a fixed instalation location.

Aspra Aura

The ASPRA Aura is an air purifier suited for small rooms. ASPRA technology and optional Active Carbon Filters. Ideal for air purification in homes, hospital rooms, the ellderly care, offices, schools and day care.

Pure Air Solutions

High Capacity Air Purifiers

High capacity ar purifiers are suited for indoor air purification in middle sized to very large spaces. The appliances are mostly installed on a fixed location.

Pure Air Solutions

Ceiling Air Purifiers

These indoor air purifiers are installed, out of sight, above a suspeded ceiling and are suited for middel sized to large rooms.


The ASPRA Ceiling is an air purifier suited for middle sized to large rooms. Air purification based on the ASPRA technology, optional VFA Active Carbon Filters. Instalation takes place above a suspended ceiling. Ideal for air purification in hospitals, medical clinics, elderly care, offices, public buildings,schools  and day care and the hospitality industry. 


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